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Happy New Year...and what a year is was!

As us Queenslanders start our snap 3 day lockdown I sit here in my essential worker office contemplating the year that was and the year we plan ahead.

We all had a challenging 2021 financial year and look forward to a 2022 that surpasses our expectations.

What have we learnt?

In our business we have noticed those clients that have embraced change and rapidly adapted to the environment were able to keep their head above water and in most cases their businesses grew in the last 12 months. It was just business as usual ish...

With border closures, workplace lockdowns being the norm the business that thrived were able to duck and weave through the punches and keep standing even after the government stimulus has ceased.

We have learned that we can cope with more that we thought, we are a resilient bunch and when our mates are in need we get behind them.

Just recently a good friend of mine has had some devastating news that one of his beautiful daughters has a very rare form of cancer. Unfortunately they live in South Australia and we can't physically be there for them but it has been great to see from afar that the local communities and friends and family have been digging deep to help this family through their time of need. Their battle has just begun and this is just one struggle of the millions of Aussies in this great country we live in.

May the year ahead be all that you wanted and more - set your goals and start that journey to achieve the results you are destined for.

If you would like to brainstorm ideas and set some financial goals for the year ahead give the team and myself a call to sit down and let's work out a plan and kick some great goals in 2021!

Buon Anno e buona fortuna,

Adrian De Vito - CPA

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